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District Staff

CDID #1 presently employs seven full time positions that act to implement maintenance and operations activities as directed by the Board of Supervisors.

District Manager - Judi Strayer

Judi has been with the District for over 20 years. She was hired as the District's Administrative Secretary in 1990 and promoted to District Manager in 2006. She has broad responsibility for overall District managment including staff superivision, financial managment and budget preparation, long range planning, and emergency preparedness.

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Operations Foreman – Chance Cox

Chance has been with the District since 2006. He was hired as a District Operator and promoted to Lead Person in 2017 and promoted again to Operations Foreman in 2018. Chance oversees for the orderly day-to-day operation of the District’s facilities by scheduling maintenance activities, initiating corrective measures at problem areas, supervising the field crew and performing other related activities.

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Administrative Assistant - Morgan Atkins

Morgan answers incoming calls, compiles meeting minutes,  performs radio dispatch operations, processes invoices associated with district expenses, handles payroll, and performs other administrative duties as assigned. Morgan started full time with the Distict in 2012 after having served two summers in the summer intern program.

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District Engineer - Amy Blain

Amy joined the District in 2018 and handles all the administration of District activities pertaining to planning, engineering, contract administration, right-of-way acquisition, operations, and maintenance.
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Operator/Lead Person - Darren Frye

Darren has been with the District since 2006. Darren was promoted to Field Crew Lead Person in September 2018.

Operator - Ryan Johns

Ryan has been with the district since 2017.

Operator - Gordon Bolar

Gordon has been with the District since 2018.

CDID #1 operators are the backbone of CDID #1 operations. They ensure that all CDID #1 facilities are well maintained and function as designed to provide effective flood control. Their job duties include, but are not limited to, general maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and fabrication, equipment maintenance and operation, vegetation management, and emergency response.

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